The only independent cement mill in Belgium.

As from 2018 Cemminerals will operate a state of the art (vertical) cement mill located in the Port of Ghent.

The main activity of Cemminerals is to grind and mix raw materials into construction materials i.e. different types of cement and GGBFS (ground granulated blast furnace slag). The finished product will be packaged  or offered in bulk to customers.

The new VRM mill (Vertical Roller Mill) will consist of one production line with a capacity of 140 – 200t/hrs.  It will have the capability to handle all kinds of raw materials in a very energy efficient way.  The end product will be a variety of construction materials, with a focus on sustainability in all phases of the production process.

The management is very experienced with a proven track record having a combined experience in the industry of more than 40 years.

Christoffel Colombuslaan 37
9042 Gent

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